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Recap: Padel Copa Rotterdam 2023

April 11, 2024

From September 14th to 17th, 2023, Henegouwerplein was all about Padel Copa Rotterdam, part of the FIP Rise series. This magnificent week of Padel Copa Rotterdam concluded on Sunday, September 17th, with the finals day.

1200 spectators witnessed Marcella Koek and Steffie Weterings narrowly losing their final to the Belgian duo Mestach/Wyckaert. In the men’s category, the victory went to the Argentine duo Libaak/Augsburger, who dominated the tournament.

The top-seeded women’s duo and national pride Marcella Koek and Steffie Weterings had a strong tournament, reaching the final after overcoming several marathon matches. In that final, they faced the second-seeded duo Mestach/Wyckaert. A dream final against the southern neighbors, which, after two sets played, still had no winner. A match full of rivalry, with everything at stake, deserved a third set. In that decisive set, the Belgian couple took the lead. With a score of 6-1, they secured the tournament victory, leaving the Dutch duo in a respectable second place.

Young Argentinians Impress
In the men’s category, once again a final between two teams that had been making a lot of impression all week. The Italians Perino/Dominguez faced off against the Argentinians Libaak/Augsburger. Both passionate teams with a lot of explosiveness in their game. Unfortunately, the match had to be stopped after a few games due to slippery conditions on the court, prioritizing the players’ well-being and avoiding unnecessary risks. Behind closed doors, the final was later resumed in the evening. There, the Argentinians secured the tournament victory by winning the match 7-5 and 6-4.